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About Grown Foundation
Grown is aware of its social responsibility towards the environment and society.

Grown Foundation cooperates with more than 15 non-profit organizations and platforms concerning the world's most pressing issues. Grown Foundation’s network enables engagement between finance professionals and societal projects to weave social impact on a global scale. Grown Foundation has partnered with everyone from small initiatives to known charities. Working as one single team, Grown Foundation implements innovative solutions to improve the lives of others and our home, the earth.

Develop Africa

Develop Africa GrapheneFX is an official partner of Develop Africa. Develop Africa is a non-profit organization and it is founded with the purpose of facilitating significant and sustainable development in Africa. It is an organization that supports education, meets the school needs for children's learning, and strives for the future Develop Africa aims to train a new generation of African leaders by focusing on the education and innovation side of the development to strategically develop Africa. They provide scholarships to the children, who don't have an opportunity to get adequate or higher education along with school supplies, education in enhancing technological fields, professional and leadership training, and many others.

Ripple Africa

We plant more than 2500 trees every year to fight deforestation in Malawi, the country facing a dramatic drought for decades. Thanks to Ripple Africa’s fuel-efficient cookstoves project, we offset our carbon emissions and help to reduce the pressure on existing forests. In this way, 80.000 bundles of wood are saved every week.

Microloan Foundation

Through our partnership with MicroLoan Foundation, every year we help women from rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa to get mentoring, training and necessary loans to establish their own businesses. We are committed to supporting them to become entrepreneurs who create further employment for their communities and a brighter future for their children and families in a sustainable way.

Charity Water

Currently, more than 785 million people around the globe have to live without access to clean water. We work with Charity Water to drill boreholes, build wells and install filters to help people to get clean and safe drinking water in developing nations. We are proud to be partnered with Charity Water and contributing towards this vital mission.

Together with its partners, Grown Foundation delivers the purpose of creating positive
and enduring change.
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